Reach Your Goals with Personal Training

Just because January is over doesn’t mean your motivation needs to end with it. YMCA of Silicon Valley personal trainers support you every step of the way towards your goals.

Southwest YMCA staffer, Hailey Scola, explains the value of incorporating personal training into your exercise routine, “Personal training helps you achieve goals by providing an exercise routine, a support team, and clear direction.” Hailey, who is studying Kinesiology and obtaining a nutrition certification understands that the diet and exercise industry can be overwhelming. She explains, “Many diet and fitness trends come and go. A personal trainer helps to clarify confusion, using their knowledge and expertise to provide a clear path to a healthier life.”

Noell Clark, 40, credits personal training at Southwest YMCA for feeling, “stronger than I did at age 25.” She fell in love with strength training since learning the skill under the guidance of experienced Y Personal Trainer, John Rhodes.

Southwest YMCA Trainer-Staff and Member

“I believe that the secret to maintaining physical longevity and mental well-being is through movement and practicing mindfulness,” Noell explains. “Weightlifting allows me to mentally focus on the present moment while building strength and stamina in my body.”

While strength training is great for your health, getting started can be intimidating, confusing, and even dangerous if done without guidance. Choosing the right exercises, weights, repetitions, and sets, (or even understanding what those terms mean) are skills that come with time and practice. A personal trainer can help accelerate your learning, and increase your comfort level in the weight room – all while accelerating your results. They can create a customized exercise plan perfect for your body and they’ll coach you on form to ensure you stay safe.

Since she started strength training at the Y two years ago, Noell trusts the Y staff to help her achieve her goals. In 2019, she plans to become mentally and physically stronger than ever before.

If you prefer a group exercise environment, but are looking for a more personalized workout, consider Y Small Group Personal Training. Northwest YMCA member Kelly Lee shares, “Without the Y’s group sessions I don’t work as hard and I don’t make new friends. I love that the trainers push you to work hard and get outside your comfort zone.”

Group training provides the motivation you need to stick to your fitness goals. “I feel accountable to show up regularly and add it to my schedule. I look forward to seeing my favorite trainers and friends in class each week,” Kelly (pictured left) explains. 

Any personal training experience at the Y offers the chance to make new friends, either with peers or with training staff. Personal trainers are excited to become your biggest cheerleaders and fitness friends.

Kelly Lee and Haiyan

Haiyan Wang, a personal trainer at South Valley Family YMCA is passionate about the health and wellness of each person she meets. For her, finding fitness and happiness in health was a rewarding experience that inspires her to work hard with her clients to guide them through their fitness journey. Haiyan says, “Fitness totally changed my life and I’m determined to be a good trainer to bring the same wonderful change to other people.” 

If you’ve ever wanted to try personal training, reach new goals, make new friends, or push yourself out of your comfort zone, get started today. Lacking motivation? Let these inspiring words lift your spirits;

“Never stop yourself from trying something you have never done before. Don’t underestimate your power and remember you just have to take the first step…everything else will be history after that. After you take that first step to do something you want, the hesitation and fear to start will stay behind you.” 

Hector Castaneda 
El Camino YMCA Personal Trainer

Hector Castaneda, El Camino YMCA Personal Trainer