Grab a loved one and hit the gym with this fun and challenging partners workout!

Bring your son, your daughter, your mother, your brother, your girlfriend, your spouse, or anyone you love to the Y to enjoy this partner workout created by El Camino YMCA personal trainers, Andrea Nudelman and Chris Cabebe.

Facing push-ups with alternating hand clap
Face each other on a soft mat or floor just far enough to be able to reach out and touch each others opposite hand. Push-ups can be done on your feet or modify this movement doing push-ups on your knees. Both go done together and come back up to then clap each others opposite hand. Try for 5 and build up from there!


Start with a push-up. Modify by staying on your knees if needed.



Push up into a plank position.



High five your partner, alternating which hand you use after each push-up.

Medicine ball with side-to-side basketball lunge
Facing the same direction in one line. One partner pretends to pass the ball to the empty side and rotates around towards his/her partner and passes it to him/her; who then proceeds to rotate around to the empty side doing the same thing and back towards his/her partner throwing the ball back. After 20 throws all together both turn the other way and do another 20 throws. You can do this with any ball or weighted medicine ball.

Exercises using medicine ball

Continue passing back and forth, alternating rear lunges.

Holding hands squat
Face your partner and clasp each others opposite hand. From there, both of you slowly lower your bodies together squatting down towards the ground. Make sure you both are holding on tight to each other, weight is in your heels, bottom down.

Enhance your burn: Challenge yourself by changing the count. Try going down for 2 counts, up for 2 counts, or down for 3 counts, up for 1 count, or down for 1 count, up for 3 counts. Take this move to the max by going down and then jumping back up.



Medicine ball squat, roll, and toss
Face each other with one partner holding the ball. Both together you will squat as the first partner rolls the ball on the ground to his/her partner. When he/she grabs the ball, they both stand up and the second partner throws the ball back to his/her partner.

Do this for 10 reps than change the order. The first partner throws the ball to his/her partner, as they squat together. Then the second partner rolls it back. When squatting, make sure to drop down thru your heels with your bottom down. This can be done with any ball or weighted medicine ball.


Start standing and facing each-other.


Squat low, and roll the ball across to your partner.


Once your partner receives the ball, stand back up, and repeat.

Static squat with cable row
Face each other. One partner wraps the tubing row around his/her waist; handing the handles of the tube to his/her partner. While the first partner is holding a static (still, none moving) squat, the other is cable rowing with the band moving back and forward, pulling back with elbows in tight to the body. Do 15 repetitions and then switch.

Static squat with cable row

One partner holds a squat position, while the other holds the band with arms extended.

Static squat with cable row

Slowly pull the band back, squeezing your shoulder blades together and keeping your elbows in tight to your body. For the squatting partner, stay low and keep knees inline with toes.

Bonus: Plank with lateral jump over or skaters
Try this tough bonus move if you’re ready for a challenge! One partner gets down on a mat or soft surface and holds a plank on the elbows. Make sure that you are contracting your abdominal muscles with your bottom up a little, protecting the lower back. The other partner proceeds to do skaters or lateral jumps side-to-side over his/her partner. You can jump over or step over. Do 20 reps all together and then switch.


Keep your knees bent on the landing and stay safe!