YMCA Project Cornerstone is Celebrating 25 Years of

Building a Community Movement

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For 25 years, Project Cornerstone has understood that the growth and development of children is largely influenced by their families and communities (see our Timeline document). We believe that in order to fulfill our mission of ensuring all youth in Silicon Valley feel valued, respected, and known we must engage the caring adults in their lives, foster the development of social and emotional competency in youth, and support the establishment of healthy relationships between adults and children.

Our programs and services have made the following impact by reaching:

  • School partners and educators whose training in the Search Institute's Developmental Assets model foster caring and inclusive school environments
  • Caring adults whose participation in our workshops increase their understanding of and commitment to youth 
  • Parent volunteers who become more involved in their child's school and gain leadership skills by delivering our programs for Pre-K through 8th grade youth

Most importantly, we reach tens of thousands of youth each year who experience healthy Developmental Relationships with caring adults, while discovering who they are, how to cultivate abilities and strengths to shape their own lives, and learning how to engage with and contribute to the world around them.

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