YMCA of Silicon Valley Membership Rates

Facility Comparison 2024

Your Place to Belong

With health and wellness facilities located throughout Silicon Valley, there’s a Y ready to welcome you in your neighborhood. 


With financial assistance, our programs and services are made available and affordable for all. Learn how your family can join our welcoming Y community today. 


Benefits of your YMCA Gym Membership

Take charge of your journey to better health and wellness with the Y. Become part of an organization and a community that encourages and motivates you to achieve your fitness goals.

Drive positive change in your household and bring along the whole family. Our gyms in Silicon Valley and throughout the country form a network that provides affordable access to state-of-the-art facilities and expert training staff.

Your Y membership entitles you to visit all other YMCAs in the Bay Area and participating nationwide YMCAs.

Try the Y for Free

Explore everything the Y has to offer without committing to a gym membership. Sign up for a Free 7-Day Membership and try the Y as many times you like during your one-week trial.

Take a tour with our team and talk to us about the classes, activities, and workout equipment. Choose the time that fits your schedule and sample the benefits of the best gym in Silicon Valley.

We are sure you will love our facility, which is why we provide a generous free trial membership for people who aren’t sure whether they have found their forever gym.

Individual Memberships

Choose from a range of gym memberships at the Y. We offer three types of individual memberships, including:

  • Adult – Age 23-64
  • Senior – Age 65+
  • Youth – Age 12-22

Each membership is suitable for one person in the relevant category.

Family Memberships

Save money on fitness club memberships for the entire household by purchasing one of our family membership options. We want to welcome every member of your family into our gyms in Silicon Valley, so the Y makes registering easy. Family members also benefit from priority registration and reduced pricing on youth programs and Kids' Club (child care while you workout). 

Our family membership options include the following:

  • One Adult with Kids – Membership for one adult age 23 or older and all children in one household age 22 or younger.
  • Two Adults – Two adults in the same household, age 23 or older.
  • Two Seniors – Two adults age 65 or older from the same household.
  • Two Adults with Kids – Two adults age 23 or older and all children from the same household age 22 or younger.
  • Three Adults With or Without Kids – Three adults age 23 or older from the same household, with or without children age 22 or younger.

Corporate Memberships (Group / Employer)

Reward your employees with access to gyms in Silicon Valley. Give your team opportunities to live healthier lifestyles and promote a culture of health and wellness by signing up for a Corporate Membership Program at the Y. Contact our Member Support team for more information at [email protected].

Military Memberships

As a special thanks to our military personnel, we are proud to honor our brave service members and their families by providing a military reimbursement program. 

This special membership covers the families of deployed military and independent duty personnel. If you work for the Department of Defense (DoD), empower your family to join the Y with our dedicated military memberships.

Your membership includes full access to our onsite facilities and a selection of offsite events and initiatives open exclusively to our military members.


Why the YMCA?

The Y offers some of the best gym memberships in Northern California. We are more than just a gym... We are a community-driven fitness center serving the people of Silicon Valley in reaching their health and wellness goals.

Join a class and get started with personal training. Put in the hours and get the results you want. 

Group Fitness Classes

Make lifelong friends and motivate each other by signing up for one of our hundreds of group fitness classes, including yoga, pilates, cycling, aqua fitness and more. No matter your fitness level or interests, there's a group exercise class to suit every style, preference, and ability.

Learn more about our hundreds of group fitness classes at any of our gym locations in Silicon Valley.

Aquatics Center

Swimming is a great full-body workout. Explore our numerous aquatics centers, perfect for all age groups and fitness levels. Whether you are getting used to the water for the first time or looking to improve your stroke, learn with our team at your local gym in Silicon Valley.

Courts and Sports

Switch up your workouts by getting on the court for a basketball, pickleball or volleyball game. We offer a range of options to improve your fitness and sports skills.

Free Weights and Exercise Equipment

Achieve your exercise goals through our cutting-edge free and machine weights.

Select from barbells, dumbbells, resistance bands, leg presses, smith machines, and more to craft the workout program to suit you. Our coaches will even show you how to perform each exercise to keep you safe during workouts.

Personal Training Programs

Looking for “gym memberships near me” that include access to excellent personal training options? Our programs give you personalized one-on-one training to supercharge your results.

Your training program begins with an initial consultation, where you’ll work with your coach to develop a tailored plan to meet your health and fitness goals. We work with you to motivate and provide the accountability you need to achieve your desired outcome.

We also offer small group personal training sessions as part of all gym memberships in Silicon Valley to bring people together in their pursuit of better health and wellness.

Fully Equipped, Fully Connected

Stay connected in our gyms in Silicon Valley with complimentary WiFi for every member. We also help you become more integrated within the fabric of your community through volunteering opportunities for anyone who wants to help.

Ready to introduce your kids to a life of health and fitness? Our Kids’ Club features a range of age-appropriate activities to keep little ones entertained.

YMCA360 Virtual Classes

Can’t fit in-person workouts into your weekly schedule? The Y has you covered! Our YMCA360 program provides access to online workouts you can do from the comfort of your home.

If you’re searching for “fitness centers near me in Silicon Valley” to accommodate your hectic schedule, the Y has various options. 

YMCA360 features a range of your favorite Y workouts, live group exercise classes, and online personal training you can do without equipment. Another bonus: It’s free to all our members!

Health and Wellness

Improve your life in every area with our tailored health and wellness services. 

The Y’s health and wellness programs cover all the bases, including nutrition, healthy aging, disease prevention, and more. Get a consultation as part of your initial fitness assessment.

If you’re concerned about your health, our gyms in Silicon Valley are here to support you in getting the results you need.