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Children are going back to school this month. The problems of inequity and a lack of resources in education that existed prior to the pandemic have grown worse.
Hispanic Heritage Month
Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to appreciate and celebrate the colorful cultures, rich histories, and diversity of the American Latino community, specificall
"Never give up who you are to belong. I missed out on years of joy in celebrating with my parents our culture and traditions. I missed out on being me so that I could be more like my friends – an African American, a Peruvian, a Japanese, and an Asian Indian – perhaps we all gave up something thinking we had to be more like each other." - Trung Ho, YMCA Staff
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This summer I had the privilege of working alongside an amazing staff at the YMCA association office and visiting different camps across the bay area.
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Camp Campbell’s Garden Manager, Sasha Retford Gonzalez, is passionate about sharing her enthusiasm for gardening and the outdoors with every youth, adult, and family that enters Camp Campbell