The Y’s aquatic programs promote adult health and wellness goals!

Many adults spend a hot summer day sitting by the pool, watching kids play, relaxing with a book, or just soaking up the sun. If you’ve been longing to get in the water but lack the swimming skills to do so, you are not alone! Over half of all American adults don’t know how to swim – but it is never too late to learn. In fact, learning swim basics can provide a plethora of benefits for you and your family.

The Y’s adult aquatic programs can help you learn the skills you need to become a confident swimmer -and start enjoying the benefits! Swimming offers physical and mental health benefits, prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, and keeps you and your kids safer around water.

Adults swimming

Physical and Mental Health Benefits
Swimming is a fantastic physical workout. A low impact cardiovascular activity, swimming keeps your heart rate up allowing you to build and tone muscle without placing undue stress on your body. Swimming has been proven to help promote a healthy weight, and maintain heart and lung health. Additionally, swimming is good for the mind. It’s methodical and calming nature helps alleviate stress and restore balance. It can also improve moods, decrease anxiety, and ease depression.

Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Diseases
The CDC confirms that using swimming as a regular aerobic activity can decrease the risk of chronic illness. Swimming is proven to help treat symptoms of diabetes and heart disease. For people with arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or osteoarthritis, swimming improves use and mobility of affected joints and decreases pain. Swimming has also been shown to promote healthy aging, by decreasing the rate of disability and supporting bone health.

Family Well-being
Not only has swimming been shown to strengthen family connections on an emotional level, but when an adult is knowledgeable about swimming and water safety techniques, the entire family is safer around water. Kids are able to learn safety skills and have them reinforced at home, and parents are better equipped to respond correctly should a water emergency occur. Additionally, expectant mothers can use swimming to strengthen their connection with the unborn child and safely exercise throughout the pregnancy.

Ready to take the plunge towards better health?

Remember, no one is born knowing how to swim. It is a skill everyone has to learn, so why not start now? The Y’s adult aquatic programs will make conquering this new challenge a fun and rewarding experience. Designed to promote water safety and develop strong swim skills, participants of all ages and ability levels will leave ready to make a splash!

Learn more about our programs and enjoy all that swimming has to offer.