Welcome to Project Cornerstone Trainings.

Here you will find links to view or sign-up for Assets 101 Trainings (for new volunteers), Monthly Lead Trainings (for all programs), Coffee Collaborations (for ABC leads), and Parent Workshops.


NEW! CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT TIPS (October 12, 2023 only)

El taller se impartirá en inglés con interpretación simultánea al español.

Open to all Project Cornerstone volunteers (ABC, Los Dichos and Middle School SEL, ER advisors, PK/TK readers). Join us for this in-person workshop on Classroom Management where we will learn and discuss best practices for an engaging and inclusive Project Cornerstone classroom experience. Topics include tips for gathering students' attention, strategies for including a variety of student voices and learning styles, and managing challenging student behaviors. This hands-on training will joyfully build community with Project Cornerstone volunteers and provide you with practical tools to use in the classroom. 

Sign up here / Regístrese aquí



These training modules are for all ABC, Los Dichos, PK/TK, and Middle School volunteers. All Asset 101 trainings are online modules.  Directions are as follows:

  • Volunteers for all programs must watch three (3) training modules.

  • Modules 1 and 2 are the same for ALL programs.

  • Module 3 is specific to each program.

Module 1

Module 1 (English): Developmental Assets and Project Cornerstone

Module 1 (Spanish): Developmental Assets and Project Cornerstone


Module 2

Module 2 (English): Volunteer Expectations

Module 2 (Spanish): Volunteer Expectations


Module 3

Select the link below that corresponds to the program for which you are volunteering. If you are volunteering for more than one program, please watch the video for each program.

ABC Module 3 (English): Being an ABC Reader   

PK/TK Module 3 (English): Being a PK/TK Reader

PK/TK Module 3 (Spanish): Being a PK/TK Reader

Los Dichos Module 3 (English): Being a Los Dichos Volunteer

Los Dichos Module 3 (Spanish): Being a Los Dichos Volunteer

Middle School Module 3 (English): Being a Middle School Volunteer



These monthly trainings are for all ABC, ABC Kindergarten, Los Dichos, PK/TK*, and Middle School volunteers. Sign up below:



Coffee collaborations are an informal way to connect with Project Cornerstone and your fellow ABC leads.  There is no formal agenda, this is simply a forum to ask questions, get support, share ideas and experiences.



Project Cornerstone offers one-time workshops on timely topics and the Take It Personally (TIP) workshop series. These workshops are offered in-person or remote via Zoom. Contact us at info@projectcornerstone.org for details, including the current schedule of workshops.