Important Notice:

  • Parents: Project Cornerstone parent education workshops are available in-person or via remote learning, and we have created new content to address timely issues and concerns. To become a volunteer at your school, check with your school/district for latest volunteer guidelines.

  • Community Partners: We are always seeking new ways to partner with organizations to deliver programs and services that meet that needs of our community. Please contact our Executive Director to discuss how we can work together at: [email protected]


Welcome Parents and Community Organizations!


Building assets in youth is a community-wide effort and we look forward to partnering with parents, caring adults, and community organizations. Project Cornerstone seeks to give adults the tools they need to build assets with all youth.

We provide trainings and resources for parents and community organizations throughout Silicon Valley to ensure all youth have the supports and skills to feel valued, respected, and known! Click on the links below for upcoming training sessions and resources. Feel free to also contact us for more details. 

If you are interested in volunteering, please click here