Through the Expect Respect leadership program, students are empowered to combat bullying and peer abuse. Students from different social groups work together to find common ground and create a “new normal” for their school where all students are accepted and supported by their peers. This diverse group is open to all and explores the roots of bullying and strategies to combat it. Expect Respect participants provide school-wide leadership in the promotion of respectful treatment of peers and the reduction of bullying.

  • A diverse team of students attend an intensive half-day Expect Respect workshop where they learn about bullying’s serious consequences, how to identify bullying behavior and how to effectively be UPstanders. Then, the team identifies the kinds of bullying that take place at their school and creates an action plan to stop bullying and improve the overall school climate. Project Cornerstone provides follow-up support and coaching throughout the year to students and faculty advisors to help ensure that their action plan is fully implemented.
  • The workshop is aligned with the Olweus research model, with the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Family Physicians for effective bullying prevention programs, and received national recognition from Sports Illustrated for helping student take a stand against bullying at their schools.
  • Expect Respect is also aligned with and reinforces the curriculum for the ABC program so that students learn and apply the same vocabulary and concepts. The ABC program is not a requirement to hold a successful Expect Respect workshop at your school.

The following document gives an overview of an Expect Respect workshop.

Expect Respect Overview

Expect Respect Team Advisor Information


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