Join us for summer reading, games, and family fun!

The 2023 Summer Fun website will include:

  • 8 ABC lessons
  • 8 Los Dichos lessons
  • 8 Middle School lessons
  • Conversation Starters
  • Who Moved My Cheese lesson

The ABC and Los Dichos lessons include a book for you and your child to read together, along with daily activities - like playing a game, watching a movie, doing a craft, and more! If you do not have a copy of the book, or cannot get it through your local library, we've included a link where you can view a video narration of it. Middle school lessons will include a video and discussion questions.

Conversation starters focus on a Developmental Asset and provide adults with questions and/or activities to do with youth. Who Moved My Cheese helps youth to understand how to adapt and succeed in changing times. Materials for this lesson are available in English and Spanish.

To learn more about Project Cornerstone, visit our main webpage.