Take a look at the Y’s impact #ByTheNumbers as we continue to strengthen our community.

Even when facilities were closed due to COVID-19, the spirit and service of the Y never faltered. 

Understanding the impact of shelter-in-place orders, including youth and seniors losing access to meals, the Y worked closely with local partners and funders to provide an immediate solution for hunger prevention.
#448,693 youth meals served – enough meals to cover the distance of Highway 87 from end to end nine times.
#36,612 senior meals served – these meals would fill every seat in the SAP Center… twice.


With in-person school closed for an extended period of time, the danger of youth falling behind academically and socially became another concern for families. The Y responded with Learning Labs and Day Camps to support distance learning, physical activity, specialized enrichment and social engagement.
#5,646 Youth participated in Y Learning Labs for virtual education support – these youth would fill every seat in every classroom or every elementary school in the Santa Clara Unified School District.
#5,470 Campers enjoyed opportunities to connect and engage with friends and learn from supportive and empowered adult role models – it would take a convoy over a mile long of 85 school buses to take these campers on a summer fieldtrip. 


The need to remain active and healthy became more important than ever in the face of the pandemic. The Y evolved its programming and facilities to provide members with opportunities to not only maintain their health, but advance their health.
#10,350 adults participated in person in our health and wellness programs – that’s enough to fill every public parking spot in downtown San Jose.
#95,711 adults participated in virtual health and wellness programs – if brought together, they would fill 240 football fields; there are only 30 NFL football fields in the country.


With schools closed, youth lacked access to vital physical activity programs. The Y deeply values mental, social and PHYSICAL well-being for youth -- not just for their health today, but to ensure they have the tools they need to build healthy habits for a bright future.
#4,892 youth participated in person in Y health and wellness programs – 1.5 times the amount of professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB combined.
#2,190 youth participated in virtual health and wellness programs – their laptops, stacked on top of one another, would rise as a tall as an 18 story building.


Resources in support of social emotional learning are critical for youth development, especially when youth are isolated like never before. With social interactions limited due to school closures, the Y and Project Cornerstone called upon their volunteers to ensure social emotional learning could continue.
#2,142 Adults lead Social Emotional Learning programs– enough caring adults to fully staff 70 elementary schools.
#39,681 Youth participating in Social Emotional Learning opportunities – If every youth were to open a lemonade stand in Santa Clara County, there would be 30 for every square mile. You wouldn’t have to walk more than 4 minutes between lemonade stands.


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