Gaining Skills and Confidence - Maritza's Story

Learning to swim can be intimidating at any age. When 4-year-old Maritza’s parents enrolled her in YMCA swim lessons, they did so partly because they themselves had never learned to swim. Facing a fear of water and the additional challenge of a language barrier, Maritza ended up repeating her introduction to swimming stages, but Maritza’s swim instructor encouraged her to overcome her fears. 

"Beth, her swimming instructor, pushed Maritza to confront her fear in a very playful and fun manner," said Maritza's mother. "We saw Maritza’s growth in her swimming abilities, safety in water, and confidence."

Maritza’s parents were so encouraged by her growth in swimming abilities and her increased confidence, that they are now considering enrolling themselves in swim lessons.

"We have seen how her confidence is growing by the way she is interacting with other children. On the day of swimming class we remind her in the morning and that allows us to give her the responsibility of packing her swimming gear. Plus she always knows that we and her grandparents will always be there celebrating every time she overcomes an obstacle."

Youth Swim Lessons play a pivotal role in fostering essential life skills and promoting overall well-being. Beyond the obvious benefit of water safety, these lessons instill confidence, discipline, and a sense of accomplishment in young individuals. Learning to swim at a young age not only equips children with the ability to navigate water safely but also serves as a foundation for a lifetime of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, swim lessons provide a social and recreational outlet, fostering friendships and a sense of community.