Not only does Chuck have the joy of working out with his wife, Jean, every week; oftentimes, he’s the only gentleman in the Aqua Arthritis class. “It would be great if the ladies would bring their husbands or boyfriends once in a while…” says Chuck. “Other than that, my life at the Y is pretty much perfect!”

Chuck was already a Y-member when he was injured in a car accident. After spending 3 months in the hospital, 3 months in rehab, and another 3 months in assisted living, Chuck knew the Y would be a great place for him to gain his strength back after a difficult year. He started out with the Aqua Arthritis class, and a few months later, felt strong enough to add in Personal Training.

Chuck at Northwest YMCA

“I value the Y, and especially the social aspect of it. It’s always great to see groups of people talking over coffee before and after Y-classes. After personal training class, I enjoy having coffee and speaking with friends who walk by after sessions in the pool. “The best part with Northwest Y is that this Y is small enough to maintain a social atmosphere. I don’t want to belong to a big gym. I feel at home at the Y, because the people I meet here are just like me. I like that when I come to the Y, I’m not the only person who’s 50+. “

Is there anything you’d like to share with our members? “If anything, it would be to ask other members to be considerate of people with limited mobility. We really need access to the 2 shower rooms in the pool area, and it’s difficult for us to wait a long time. Just keep in mind that we don’t have any other options, so if you can use the locker rooms instead, it would be very helpful for us!”