San Jose, Calif. – Central YMCA has a strong handball tradition dating back to the 1950's and 60's. In fact, over 100 national championships have been won by Y players. Many of these world class athletes, including International Handball Champion, Kevan Del Grande, are offering their experience, talent, and time to develop the next generation of players. 


DelGrande, founder of an auto sales empire in the South Bay, has teamed up with Central YMCA to sponsor an outdoor handball program open to youth from any Bay Area High School, hosted at Evergreen Valley High School. The 4 month training program will teach teens handball basics each weekend, to pass on the skills and competitive spirit of the Y handball community to the next generation. Students will receive free handball gloves, eye guards, balls and t-shirts with their names stenciled on the back and a semester of instruction for just a $25 fee. 

Teens will leave the program as confident, tournament ready players. DelGrande hopes these young athletes will go on to compete in Northern California and eventualy on a national level. “I’ve always loved handball, especially for children.” DelGrande reflects, “It’s a sport that keeps you fit as long as you play  -- and you can play into your 80’s and 90’s. As well as make friends for a lifetime!” 

The Y is a proud longtime supporter of Youth Handball, offering Saturday morning practices on and hosting a Handball class for San Jose State University students. DelGrande and Central YMCA are excited to invite local youth to experience handball through this new and exciting program. 

To l
earn more, call Central YMCA at 408-298-1717.