Evelin’s introduction to the Y was through a Spring College Tour. She was so moved by the staff leading the tour and the overall experience that she went on to work for the Y and go from a potential student touring a campus to a college student.

“The College Tour was a really great experience,” Evelin says. “It was interesting because the only college I had seen was where my brother and sister went. I had never had a campus tour or actually talked to a school rep and learned what they’re looking for in an applicant.”

The college experience is what’s next for Evelin. She’s now a student at UC Berkeley.

It was also powerful to hear from college students. The tour was a real motivator for her to be even more aggressive in going to college and being successful. It also exposed her to schools she hadn’t thought to apply to before.

“I always knew I wanted to go to college. After visiting, I decided I could see myself at these schools and it gave me a really good picture of what the next four years of my life would look like.” 

A New Chapter

Before the College Tour, Evelin didn’t know much about the Y. Y Staff shared summer job opportunities at the Y and she applied and later joined the Membership Department. She said the co-worker environment was friendly and supportive. She also learned a lot about the Y beyond the Gym.

“The Y mission is really great. They reach out a lot to community and do their best to give back. They do a lot for the community and I know they’re going to continue funding programs like the College Tour for high school students. A few of my friends are thinking of working here—so the cycle of building community is continuing. Keeping that cycle of community is important.

It’s really a great feeling to be starting a new chapter. Personally, The Y gave me a good foundation. I got a job here to help me pay for school. They were flexible with school hours, very supportive and always understood that you are a student first. I think for anyone who is considering working for the Y or joining or supporting the Y, should know that their contribution is going to have an actual impact on lives.”