At the Y, we bring families closer together, encourage good health and foster connections through fitness, sports and shared interests. Youth and adults all over the world turn to the Y for support, guidance and the resources they need to strengthen and maintain their healthy, happy families. 

In times of crisis, caring for our community is more important than ever. We are here to continue providing safe opportunities for people to stay active, engaged, and supported during this time -- virtually! 

Enjoy a variety of virtual resources curated by our youth development and health and wellness experts. 



Starting Oct 5, your active Y membership offers access to the brand new Virtual YMCA with the classes you miss and the instructors you know and love.
12 Bursts


12Bursts provides a fun and engaging way for kids and families to include physical activity in their daily routine at home. Each day’s challenge includes 12 five-minute bursts of activity that are kid-friendly and don’t require any special skills or equipment. Complete all 12 and you’ve reached the health goal of 60 minutes a day. A new set of FREE bursts will load every day. Stay active and have fun.
Family Activities


Millions of youth and adults all over the world turn to the Y for support, guidance and the resources they need to strengthen and maintain their healthy, happy families. That's why, at the Y, our commitment to strengthening families won't stop in a crisis. Today, all families can find the joy of the Y experience at home.
Youth Education


While kids are out of the classroom, it's important to keep them engaged in educational activities. Keep your kids learning and growing with these resources.
Project Cornerstone


Designed to help caring adults teach youth how to grow into caring adults, Project Cornerstone Lessons can now be taught in your own home.
Woman Meditating


If you’ve ever flown you know that during the safety talk, the flight attendant always direct you to put on your oxygen mask first before helping others. You will be able to assist others best when you take care of yourself. Use these resources to recharge your batteries.
Help our Community


If you're able to make a gift, consider contributing to the YMCA of Silicon Valley’s COVID-19 Response Fund. Your support will allow our Y facilities to serve as Emergency Response Centers, providing essential childcare for first responders and medical providers, and distributing food for kids and families that still require healthy meals during the mandatory school closures.

Weekly Resource Guides and Inspiring Stories

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Children are going back to school this month. The problems of inequity and a lack of resources in education that existed prior to the pandemic have grown worse.