Murphy family at Northwest YMCABeing a military family has been the greatest adventure of our lives. We move a lot! In the midst of our constantly changing location, though, we often find it challenging to find that special feeling of “home”: a safe place where people know you, love you, encourage you, accept your weaknesses, and are willing to walk through life with you. The aquatics team at the Northwest YMCA has been exactly this for our family. When we signed up for swimming lessons, I didn’t realize all that we would get to enjoy.

From Lena’s first smile, greeting Joe to one of his first lessons, all the way to Sam joking with the kids this afternoon in the hallway, the aquatics team has been kind, polite and understanding; all while maintaining a high standard of safety and professionalism.  What you don’t know is that you were the only friends our Joe enjoyed outside of the home this assignment. You were the PE period in our homeschool. You helped to keep me sane some days and gave me a reason to leave the house!  And for six months, while you taught Jack, Ellie, Kiffin, and Joe how to swim, you made California our home. There’s a confidence in the kids that wasn’t there at the start. It was all part of your doing. Thank you!

You may never know how far your efforts will reach. You have changed our lives for all time. Learning to swim and enjoying the water is something the kids will have for the rest of their lives. Thank you for that gift. Thank you for loving us and keep caring!