Welcome to 8 weeks of summer reading, games, and family fun brought to you by Comcast!

Each week we will post a Project Cornerstone book for you and your child to read together (or view a video narration if you do not have a copy of the book), along with daily activities - like playing a game, watching a movie, doing a craft, and more! Check back every Monday between June 22 - August 10 for new lessons. (To learn more about Project Cornerstone, visit our main webpage.)

We have Two Summer Fun programs (scroll past the sun below to access each week's book and activities):

  • YMCA Project Cornerstone Summer Fun - ABC

    • Coordinates with our ABC (Asset Building Champions) books
  • YMCA Project Cornerstone Summer Fun - Los Dichos

    • Available in English and Spanish, and coordinates with our Los Dichos books


You'll also find these lessons below (scroll pass the kids/book below to view each lesson and materials):

  • Ruby Bridges Lesson Plan

    • Looking for a way to engage in conversation with your child about race and racism? We've created an abbreviated and an extended lesson from Project Cornerstone’s ABC Program books, Through My Eyes (grades 3-8) and Ruby Bridges Goes to School (grades K-2).
  • Who Moved My Cheese for Kids (Bilingual/Bilingüe)

    • This book by Spencer Johnson helps youth understand how to adapt and succeed in changing times. Lesson Plan available in English and Spanish. 

In addition, we have pulled together a Youth Educational Resources website with links to virtual field trips, literature/humanities, multi-subject, math, and science websites/resources.