Everyone at Project Cornerstone hopes that you, your family, and your community are safe and well during these unprecedented times. With students now at home, we have pulled together this website to offer you some resources and activities. Please check back as this website is regularly updated.

*NEW SEL Lesson Plan* (Bilingual/Bilingüe)

Who Moved My Cheese for Kids (by Spencer Johnson) Lesson Plan available in English and Spanish. This book helps youth understand how to adapt and succeed in changing times. 

*SPECIAL Video* (Bilingual/Bilingüe)

See René Colato Laínez, author of many children’s books (www.renecolatolainez.com), read René Has Two Last Names with our Executive Director, Ziem Neubert (Bilingual/Bilingüe Read-Along here)


Distance Learning with Project Cornerstone Programs

For Schools
  • ABC Program Distance Learning Guide: English
  • Los Dichos Program Distance Learning Guides: English and Spanish
For Families

Anyone can create a Project Cornerstone Virtual Book Club by connecting friends, neighbors, and classmates via FaceTime or Zoom.

One adult can read our selected book(s) aloud, or you can access the narration video (see below). Your Virtual Book Club can then go through the lesson plan and discussion together. To take the lesson further, you can do the activities at home with your family.

Directions on how to use the FaceTime app here. Create a Zoom account here


Project Cornerstone School Based Lessons (below)

  • ABC Readers April Book, René Has Two Last Names
  • NEW: ABC Readers May Book, The OK Book
  • ABC Kindergarten April Book, Be Polite and Kind
  • NEW: ABC Kindergarten May Book, Reach Out and Give
  • Preschool/Transitional Kindergarten April Book, Book Fiesta! (English & Spanish Lesson)
  • NEW: Preschool/Transitional Kindergarten May Book, The Party for Papá Luis (English & Spanish Lesson)
  • Los Dichos April Book, René Has Two Last Names
  • NEW: Los Dichos May Book, Playing Lotería 
  • Los Dichos Kindergarten April Book, Book Fiesta!
  • NEW: Los Dichos Kindergarten May Book, Biblioburro


Additional Resources (below)

  • NEW Social & Emotional Resources Posted: 
    • COVID-19 Time Capsule Printable Booklet
  • Kindness Corner, and Ways to Help Others


In addition, we have pulled together a Youth Educational Resources website with links to virtual field trips, literature/humanities, multi-subject, math, and science websites/resources.