What is eGym?

The eGym solution is a cloud-connected system that combines intelligent software with the latest fitness equipment to provide you with a training experience that is easy to use, fun and motivating. eGym provides a very efficient and versatile workout for all training objectives. Your training data is automatically synchronized with the eGym platform and is available to view via the website www.egym.com and fitness app. 

eGym utilizes Circut Training to provide health and wellness benefits.

  • Highly efficient use of your work-out time
  • Smooth and guided transition from one machine to next
  • Encourages you to focus on training, which maximizes your benefits
  • Enables more people to use the equipment
  • Reduces your wait time between exercises

Here's how it works.

  • Always start the circuit at machine number 1
  • Follow the numbered order of the eGym strength training machines
  • Train during the orange phase (60 seconds)
  • Change machines during the blue phase (50 seconds)
  • All members change machines at the same time
  • Continue through the entire circuit
  • Stay focused – save socializing for when you are done
  • Before starting a second round, give priority to those waiting to start
  • One complete circuit takes 16.5 minutes
  • View your training results in your eGym Member App
  • To enhance your workout, you will be asked to complete a strength test after six training sessions

eGym is currently available at El Camino YMCA, Northwest YMCA, Southwest YMCA and South Valley Family YMCA.

Currently, eGym is available at the following locations, where a Y trainer will help you get started.