Winner: Abinaya Sridharan

Positive Peer Influence: Nominated by a peer, who is also under 24 years of age, this person is a model and inspiration for other young people.

Abinaya Sridharan strives to ensure that Quimby Oak Middle School is a community that is taken care of and is inclusive for all. As a member of the Buddy Leader student group on campus, Abinaya’s mission and goal is to provide a warm, welcoming, and friendly environment for incoming 7th graders. Buddy Leaders plan and run monthly events that promote kindness and inclusivity throughout the year.

Abinaya displays her selflessness, kind-hearted nature, and positivity towards others daily. For the past year, she has devoted her time and effort in making sure a wheelchair-bound student gets to her classes throughout the day. Abinaya volunteers to ride the elevator down to the restroom with her, pick up supplies from the cabinets, and even is a leaning post for moral support. In doing this, she puts the needs of others first, and her own needs second.

Abinaya is a champion for change at the school and always promotes school-wide values. She is a top scholar and all her teachers speak highly of her. Quimby Oak Middle School is proud to have Abinaya receive the Positive Peer Influence Award for the daily positivity that she spreads to all.

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“Abinaya is a pillar of kindness, helpfulness and moral support. She has positively impacted students at her school which have had the effect of helping our greater Quimby Oak community build inclusivity and connectedness to their middle school.” – Ginger George, Assistant Principal