Distance learning and social distancing measures had an indisputable effect on our youth last year. Our Y was committed to addressing this challenge, and thanks to the generosity and partnership of Y supporters, we were able to help kids catch up academically – and emotionally – during the summer of 2021. Our 2021 Summer Champion donors issued a challenge to the community that raised over $1.2 Million to support youth and their families through summer learning and enrichment programs and food distribution. Working families like the Taylors. So many families struggled during the COVID pandemic, and the Taylors were struck particularly hard. Alex’s hours at his job were cut dramatically due to pandemic impacts, so Ana found work outside the home to help support the family. Unable to leave their young children home alone, the Y became that safe haven for this family, providing engagement for their children, healthy meals, and supervision.

As the summer approached, Alex and Ana worried about the next school year. Their boys struggled with distance learning over the school year and with an increasing lack of interest and motivation, were at risk to fall behind even further over the summer. Nicolas was going into third grade and Daniel would be starting fifth grade in the fall. Ana learned about the Y’s Summer Learning Program at Scott Lane and swiftly enrolled both of them. Nicolas and Daniel were so excited to return to an in-person classroom with other students their age with whom they could socialize and grow. And with an evidence-based curriculum, they were able to advance academically. Throughout the entire summer, and Ana shared with Y staff how happy she was to see how much that their reading improved during that time, and how much more they seemed to enjoy reading on their own. She also shared her relief, to be afford the time to go to work and not worry about the safety of her children at the Y.

Nicolas and Daniel are still enrolled in our Y’s After School Program. Alex is usually one of the last parents to pick up his kids every day - not because he can’t get there earlier, but because both boys have asked to stay as late as the possibly can!

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