YMCA of Silicon Valley is upgrading our online schedule features with new functionality. In our effort to serve you better; the Y has partnered with MotionVibe, a leader in the health and wellness space to upgrade our services and improve the member experience. You will see new functionality in our website schedulesYFit app, and in-branch displays and we are even more excited for the new features that we'll be rolling out in the coming months.


You will continue to see your online class and facility schedules in the same places that you are used to...on in-lobby digital displays, the website on your computer or mobile device or on YFit app. You can continue to access your schedules in the same places you have before. If you're a user that just likes to view what's available, your experience will be similar on the website and on the app. Things might look a little different - but we encourage you to explore the new schedules. 


You do not need to be signed-in to view a schedule on your app or website, however, you will need to log into your account if you wish to register for a class. To do this, you'll first need to be logged into the MotionVibe portal. 

Your MotionVibe log-in is the same ID you may already have used to purchase classes like day camps or swim lessons in our YMap eBusiness system. Your default user name is the email address connected to your YMCA Membership account. Though, in some cases, if you've already created an YMap/eBusiness account you may have changed your user name in the system. Do not create a new account if you are a current Y member.

If you are a current member or if you’ve signed up for a program at the Y during the last three years, you should already have a YMap account. To access it for the first time you will need to reset your password. 

To reset your password click the Login button above the website schedules or on the top of the schedules page in your YFit app, and then click on the “I forgot my password” link. You will be prompted for a username - by default, this is the primary email address we have on file for you.

If you don’t remember your primary email address click the “Forgot Username” button on the Login screen. If you no longer have access to the email address on file, you will need to contact Member Services at the number listed on the log-in screen.

If you are using a secure device, or your personal computer, we recommend checking the "Remember my login information for 90 days" checkbox. You will need to do this separately for each device you are are using.


Once you are logged into the MotionVibe portal, you can select the Y location In the top left corner, under the YMCA OF SILICON VALLEY name…click the box to view all our Y locations. Select your location from the drop down to see the schedules for the current week.


Classes are available for registration exactly one week before start time. Classes that are available for registration are highlighted in green and will display a REGISTER NOW link.

When you click a REGISTER NOW link to reserve your space in a class, you will see a pop-up window. Simply click the green Register button, and you are all set. You are now registered for that class, on the day and time selected.

Once you are registered you will notice the class is highlighted in green and it will say: “Registered”. Once you are registered for a class you will begin to receive email notifications if that class is changed, or cancelled. You will also receive a class reminder 2 hours before the class is scheduled to begin.

MotionVibe Registration Flow


If you are unable to attend a class that you have registered for, we ask you UNREGISTER. 

  • From the MotionVibe home page, click your first name to the right on the main/top menu bar. This will now show all of the classes you are currently registered for. 
  • From this page, navigate to the class you wish to unregister from and click the orange UNREGISTER button. 

You’re all set and you’ve made a spot available for another member to enjoy. Thank you!


We are here to help guide you! Please don't hesitate to ask a Y staff member for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You will be able to enjoy the same Y classes you know and love.

You can download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play on your phone or tablet. 

  1. Go to the Sign on page and reset your password.
  2. If you no longer have access to the email that we have on file for you, please contact member support for help at membersupport@ymcasv.org or 408-351-6473 during business hours (8 am - 5 pm).
  1. Once you are logged into the app or website, choose your preferred branch. Then select the class you will like to attend under the day field.  
  2. After you click the link you will see a popup with the program details. Click the green “Register” button to sign up for the class. You are now registered.
  1. Registration is NOT required, however some classes do fill quickly, or have limited space. If you would like to join a particular class you are advised to register beforehand. By registering you reserve your spot in the class. 
  2. By registering you will receive email notifications if your class is cancelled or changed. You will also receive a class reminder 2 hours before the start of your class.

Yes. You can sign up for multiple classes and it will appear in your MotionVibe account screen view for future reference. 

You can select your Y location under "YMCA of Silicon Valley" in the top left corner of the MotionVibe portal. Y locations are arranged alphabetically. To change locations, click the arrow to the right of the Y location name and the rest will appear. You can then choose the location you want. 

  1. Once you register for a class your spot is reserved. 
  2. You can register for as many classes as you need.
  1. If you cannot attend a class, please unregister. 
  2. To unregister, go to your profile by clicking your name in the top right corner of the MotionVibe portal page
  3. There you will see all the classes you registered for. Unregister by clicking the orange “Unregister” button on the class you with to cancel.

If a class you registered for is cancelled or changed, you will be notified by email.

The new MotionVibe experiences are part of our system upgrade and are free to Y members.

Please contact our member support team at membersupport@ymcasv.org or 408-351-6473 during business hours (8 am - 5 pm) for help.