Older adults are some of our most loyal members. Here at the Y, seniors have a chance to keep active and grow in spirit, mind and body. New friends and new opportunities add joy to life. The Y also gives older adults a chance to volunteer their time and talents with others, such as children and teens.

Physical activity is essential in maintaining a higher quality of life and independence among seniors. Regular exercise provides many practical benefits, including reducing the risk of diseases and conditions such as diabetes, osteoporosis, coronary artery disease and high blood pressure. Stronger muscles, better balance and coordination, and higher energy levels all work together to maintain or improve basic living skills.

Pillars of Our Community

Reconnect with others in your neighborhood as a Y member.



Enhance®Fitness is geared toward older adults of all fitness levels. If you have a chronic condition, such as arthritis, you may be able to gain more strength and independence. You will feel energized— physically, mentally and socially—and be surrounded by people who care about your success.

Brain Club

The Brain Club was designed to teaches you how to maintain the benefits of a healthy brain. Have fun in a lively group atmosphere as you learn how to boost your memory, enhance your focus, improve your overall health, and ward of dementia.

Social Activities

The Y provides many different social clubs and activities for adults, families and seniors across the Bay Area, helping members of our community maintain healthy spirits, minds, and bodies. These activities are designed to create lasting friendships while enjoying events like book clubs, mahjong, hiking clubs - our social clubs and events can help you find new friends who are interested in the same things you are.
matter of balance

Matter of Balance

Falls are a serious concern. In collaboration with A Matter of Balance, the award- winning fall prevention program for senior adults, YMCA of Silicon Valley is offering a program for seniors whose fear of falling limits their social and physical activity. Participants will be taught safe and simple exercises to promote strength, flexibility, and balance. This can be problem-solving strategies to address habits and behaviors, lifestyle changes to promote safety or ways to create a safer home environment.