Raise money by creating your own personal donation webpage and having the donations go directly to the Y. Engage your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors by sharing your fundraising efforts on social media. All the donations you collect go directly to the Y and donors receive a tax donation.

Your personalized online campaign page is an easy and effective way to raise funds to support your favorite Y programs and to involve your network in a cause you believe in.

You can reach out to people you know and ask them to support the Y through the creation of your fundraising webpage, personalized with your Y story and photos.

Then, you can send a message to your network that includes a link to a fundraising page and ask for donations.

You are able to see donations that are made to your page, post updates to your supporters, and even create a team and recruit additional team members to join you in support of the Y.


Harness the power of your social network to help raise money for the Y.