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Summer Camp FAQs

General Questions

Where is Camp located?

We are located at 16275 Highway 9, Boulder Creek, CA 95006. Click here for directions.

What is Camp’s phone number?


How far away is YMCA Camp Campbell from San Jose?

We are about a 45-minute drive from San Jose.

What’s the weather like at Camp in the summer?

We’re located in Boulder Creek, CA and it’s typically sunny with day temperatures between 80°F and 100°F. The mornings and evenings are usually cool.

Should I send anything to my child while s/he is at Camp?

We encourage parents to send a letter and/or a package to their child at least once during camp. It makes children and teens feel special. Things to send your child: A nice hand written note, puzzle game book, magazines, books, cards, game to play with cabin mates, a small craft project, or a small stuffed animal. Please do not send food. Campers are not allowed to keep it.

I want to send my child mail while at camp. What is Camp’s address?

Please remember to put your child’s first and last name, and session number on the mail. Send it to 16275 Highway 9, Boulder Creek, CA 95006.

You may also email your camper at redwoods@ymcasv.org. Please be sure to put the child’s first and last name, cabin number and session number in the subject of the email. Emails will be distributed daily, but campers are unable to email back.

Can campers make cabin mate requests?

Yes, campers may request a cabin mate, and cabin mate requests must be mutual. We will try our best to accommodate requests, but we cannot guarantee cabin assignments. Cabin assignments are based primarily on age, and our priority is to promote group cohesion and foster friendships. We strive to eliminate cliques, which can form when a disproportionate number of campers in one cabin know each other prior to arriving. If you have a unique circumstance, contact our camp director.

When should campers arrive and depart from Camp?

Campers may be dropped off at Camp on Sunday between 1:30–2:30 pm. Be sure to pick-up your child on Friday between 11 am – 12 noon. An authorized and responsible adult must sign each child in and out of camp.

How can I see pictures of my child while s/he is at Camp?

We use a service called Zenfolio to store photos taken at camp. Each Summer Camp session will have a unique gallery and password to access it. The link and password for each session will be included in the check-in letter.

Can I tip my child’s camp counselor?

Although we appreciate your gratitude, please do not tip your child’s camp counselor. Instead, consider making a donation to our camp scholarship fund in the camp counselor’s honor. Our scholarship fund makes camp possible for children and teens from low-income families. Another option for a tip: write a letter of reference that the camp counselor can use for upcoming college or job applications.

My child is at camp. Can I come visit?

No, we do not allow parents to visit during the camp week because it disrupts your child’s adjustment to camp. We encourage you to communicate to campers via letters or emails sent to redwoods@ymcasv.org.

Can campers call home?

For the most part, we do not allow calls home. Calls to home make a camper’s adjustment to camp more difficult. Parents may call camp to speak with camp staff about your child’s well-being. We encourage you to communicatewith your child via letters or emails sent to redwoods@ymcasv.org.

How is laundry handled?

Laundry services are not available for campers. Be sure to label all clothing and belongings so that we can return any misplaced items to its proper owner.

What is sold in the Camp Store?

We sell souvenirs, such as hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, flashlights, water bottles, and toiletries. We do not sell food, candy, and drinks.


Food, Health, and Safety

What is the food like at Camp?

Campers report that our food is great. We serve three well-balanced meals daily, including an extensive salad bar during lunch and dinner. Vegetarian alternatives are always available. Our chef and kitchen staff strives to provide a nutritious menu that appeal to children and teens. Sunflower butter and jelly sandwiches are available for those who do not wish to eat the main entrée.

How do you handle food allergies?

We strive to accommodate food allergies. However, prior to registering for camp, be sure to contact us at redwoods@ymcasv.org or 831-338-2128 to discuss your specific requirements. If we determine that we can accommodate your and/or your child’s food allergies, our staff and camp chef will work with you develop an appropriate plan.

Is there a nurse at Camp?

Yes, we have a full-time registered nurse on staff. Detailed FAQs for our Health Cottage can be read here.

Where is the nearest hospital?

Dominican Hospital is in Santa Cruz, CA, which is approximately 15 miles from Camp. Health services and ambulance are approximately 3 miles away.


What to Bring to Camp

What should campers bring to Camp?

Do campers need to bring their own bedding?

Yes, we recommend that you bring a pillow and case, blankets, sheets, and a sleeping bag. Sleeping bags are essential as all campers can choose to participate in an outside overnight experience.

Can campers bring electronics?

No, camp is a place to develop friendships and enjoy camp activities. It’s not about playing with electronic gadgets. Additionally, in our natural outdoor environment, it is difficult to keep electronic equipment safe. For those reasons, be sure to leave your cell phone, iPods/MP3 players, pagers, and stereos at home.

Can campers bring a cell phone?

No, cell phones disrupt the camp experience. Camp is about making new friends and enjoying personal, one-on-one interactions with staff and fellow campers. As such, be sure to leave cell phones at home. Possession of a cell phone during camp may lead to dismissal without a refund.



How do campers select their activities?

Our daytime overnight camp schedule consists of four activity periods. For day camp, we offer three activity periods. On the first day of camp, and with the help of camp counselors, each camper rank orders the 10 activities in which they want to participate. We create each camper’s weekly activity schedule based on his or her preferred activities.

Will every camper participate in swim lessons?

No, not every camper will participate in swim lessons; however, every camper will have the opportunity to participate in swim lessons. A camper may choose to participate in swim lessons by rating that activity in his/her top 3 choices. Interested campers are placed in the level that matches their swimming ability. Trained swim instructors lead every class.

What do you do for children who have their birthday at Camp?

We strive to make it a special day for every camper who has a birthday at camp.


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YMCA Camp Campbell
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