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Team Building

We customize exciting outdoor team building activities that combine fun interaction designed to enhance individual and team growth. Our experienced staff guides your group through activities to strengthen group cohesiveness, improve confidence, communication, and trust.

  • We tailor activities to fit each group’s goals and objectives.
  • We can adapt activities to accommodate various physical abilities.
  • We offer activities for one-day and weekend retreats.

Our team building activities include:

Low Ropes Course

Our Low Ropes Elements are designed and facilitated with team dynamics foremost in mind to be unique, challenging, and fun for your team! Coupled with active facilitation, our low ropes program can help you develop a team dynamic that breaks through communication and critical performance barriers that can keep your team from performing when it counts.

This 2- to 5-hour activity consists of five individual elements, between 6-18 inches off the ground. As participants go through each element, their team members act as “spotters,” providing physical support to help each individual and their team complete the challenge.

With our trained facilitators work with your group to help process each activity on our multiple elements. Each element has a different style, difficulty and purpose depending on your group.

  • Whale Watch
    • Group must execute various tasks while balanced on a pivoting platform
    • Requires individual performance for group success
    • Develops problem-solving and team building
  • TP Shuffle
    • Step onto a pole and perform a series of tasks described by the facilitator
    • Requires preplanning and strategy execution
    • Group assessment of strengths and weaknesses (Groups and individuals)
  • Nitro Crossing
    • Swing from a starting platform to a goal platform on a rope, actively resolving challenges with your team
    • Develops group problem solving skills
    • Better understanding of group dynamics
  • Mohawk Walk
    • Travers through this element which consists of steel cables, hanging ropes and tree staples
    • Communicate within the group to develop strategies
    • Discusses experiences within group to find strengths and weaknesses
  • Acid River
    • Traverse through this element without touching the ground using specifically laid out bricks and different lengthen boards to go across
    • Works to strengthen communication and preplanning within group
    • Shows leaders and followers and the importance of both roles
  • Wild Woozy
    • Consisting of two steel cables suspended between three trees that progressively become wider. Two people must traverse across with each other.
    • Must use trust and balance with partner
    • Direct person to person communication
  • Trust Fall
    • Participant falls back into groups arms from a elevated height between one to four feet high
    • Develops trust within a group
    • Communication skills with group members
  • Giant Thumb
    • With a 10 foot pole the group must work together to remove the tire from the pole without the touching
    • Develops preplanning and communication skills
    • Trust activity

High Ropes Course

Our High Ropes Course is attached to giant redwood trees, at a thrilling 35 feet above ground. To ensure safety, our staff supervises each activity and each participant wears a body harness attached to a belay system. This activity consists of seven individual elements, including a 150-foot zip line ride:

  • Cargo Net
    • Hang out in the canopy on our cargo net! Set 30 feet in the air, our cargo net is nested in a faery ring of redwoods connected to the main platform of the challenge course.
  • Burma Bridge
    • Traverse a rope bridge between two platforms while on belay, and learn to embrace progress one step at a time to meet goals.
  • No-Name Bridge
    • Feel the rush of leaping platform to platform, with varied gaps in between. Learn to manage expectations and make do with the resources you have on hand with this climbing element.
  • Cake Walk
    • A cable traverse with no hands, no ropes to hold, and no excuses! Learn to master frustration and focus on the Cake-Walk
  • Multi-Vine (Short and Long)
    • Walk the cable, or jungle-swing from vine to vine 30 feet up in the canopy. No climbing course should be without a multi-vine element, and the Camp Campbell Challenge Course boasts two -- short and long. Choose your level of challenge and achieve!
  • Balance Log
    • Our balance log is great for confidence-building areal acrobatics. Inch, walk, or sprint across, and develop the personal confidence that trumps trepidation even in the most stressful situations.
  • Zip Line
    • A Tyrolean Zip that rockets climbers 150 feet through the redwoods at speed, the Camp Campbell Zip Line is a great way to finish a challenging, fun climb on our Challenge Course. As close to flying as it comes while still safely attached to a belay.
  • Eagle’s Leap
    • Climb a redwood and leap from a platform 30 feet above the forest floor to a hanging target at a distance of your choosing.  Develops goal-setting and fear management
  • Flying Squirrel
    • Teams hoist a team member into the air on climbing rope. ADA accessible and designed specifically for team members with physical limitations.
  • Climbing Tower
    • Traditional tower climbing on a multi-sided climbing tower with gym-style holds, overlooking the creek. Great for new or experienced recreational climbers focused on goal-setting and personal improvement. Try to ring the bell at the top!

Find out more about our:

Cabin Accommodations

Tree Top Cabins
  • Cabins located high among the redwood trees.
  • Each heated cabin sleeps 14 people, bunk bed style
  • Each bed has its own window and lamp
  • Equipped with private showers, and electricity

49er Cabins

  • Enjoy our brand new circular cabins, sleeping 18 people bunk style
  • Each bunk bed is placed in a diverse angle, giving guests more privacy
  • Equipped with heaters, private showers and electricity

Contact Us: Group Packages and Rates
We create custom group packages to meet your unique goals and budget. Rates vary depending on the activities. We’re excited to help you plan your event. Contact us at redwoods@ymcasv.org or 831-338-2128.

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