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Child Care
YMCA child care offers a nurturing, caring environment.

Child Care and After School

YMCAs are the nation’s largest provider of child care. We provide high-quality and affordable programs that are family-centered and values-based to nurture children’s healthy development. Our preschool and school-age child care programs encourage family involvement through special events, newsletters, parent advisory committees, and volunteers in the classrooms. The programs are state licensed, and all staff meet or exceed licensing regulations for background checks, education and experience.

Whether your child needs preschool or school-age care, we emphasize values such as caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. Like all Y programs, child care is open to all, with financial assistance available.

->Kinder Readiness Program

->Child Care (K-6th)

->After School Enrichment

Child care sites vary. For details, call 408-226-9622.

->Kinder-Readiness Program

Ages: 4-5 years (entering Kindergarten Fall)

Schallenberger Elementary School
1280 Koch Lane, San Jose 95125

Mission: The YMCA of Silicon Valley Kinder-Readiness Program will provide a nurturing environment for children to increase independence, improve self-concept, and focus on values in a stimulating, hands-on learning environment, while developing the necessary skills to successfully transition into kindergarten.

Local school districts have designed content standards/student outcomes that the YMCA utilizes in this program. These standards are consistent with the new pre-K learning and development guidelines that work with literacy and learning programs through the state of California.

->School Age Child Care

Our state-licensed school age child care programs operate on school campuses, offering a variety of age-appropriate enrichment and recreational activities. Daily homework assistance time is also scheduled. All children must attend on a regular basis. Part-time and full-time options available. The program does not provide drop-in childcare.

YMCA School Age Child Care available at:

Allen @ Steinbeck Elementary
(Lic.# 434408055)
820 Steinbeck Dr.
San Jose, CA. 95123

Hacienda Valley View Elementary
(Lic.# 430709586)
1290 Kimberly Drive
San Jose, CA. 95118

Los Paseos Elementary
(Lic.# 430703919)
121 Avenida Grande
San Jose, CA. 95139

Oak Ridge Elementary
(Lic.# 434408051)
5920 Bufkin Dr.
San Jose, CA. 95123

Reed Elementary School
(Lic.# 430709587)
1524 Jacob Ave.
San Jose, CA. 95118

Sakamoto Elementary
(Lic.# 430710087)
6280 Shadelands Drive
San Jose, CA. 95123

Schallenberger Elementary
(Lic.# 434400464)
1280 Koch Lane
San Jose, CA. 95125

Simonds Elementary
(Lic.# 430703921)
6515 Grapevine Way
San Jose, CA. 95120

Terrell School
(Lic.# 430710245)
3925 Pearl Ave.
San Jose, CA. 95136

Contact the center or the YMCA at 408-226-9622 for further information.

->After School Enrichment

This program is designed as a free After School comprehensive program for today’s changing society, not only for working families but also to enrich children’s lives. The program is a combination of several components. It must be emphasized that it is not to be an extension of the school but rather compliment school in a manner that is fun for the child.  A long term goal of the program is to help the child develop socially through small group work while emphasizing the child as an individual. Program participants are divided into small groups based on age and maturity. 

YMCA After School Enrichment available at:

Almaden Elementary School
1295 Dentwood Drive
408-535-6207 Ext 140
Driving Directions

Del Roble Elementary School
5345 Avenida Almendros
San Jose, CA. 95123
408-225-5675 ext 238
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Terrell Elementary
3925 Pearl Ave.
San Jose, CA. 95136
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