THANK YOU DONORS! Your support allows us to continue making a positive impact in the community during unprecedented times. Read for yourself the impact that your donations are making on families throughout the bay area.

“The Y has been lifesaving for our family since our preschool closed. It’s enabled me to keep serving patients at El Camino Hospital while preserving our family sanity. The staff are so fantastic in creating this safe, fun environment day after day. My daughter Alef, says "Mommy I love Y camp! Can we make the Y our house?" 

-    Ruthie, Y Camp Parent


 “I cannot fully describe my deep gratitude for the Y! Providing care to my children is such a blessing to me and my family. Due to your services and excellent care, I am able to provide much needed mental health support to my staff of therapists and to the young children and their families that I serve. Our lives have regained some sense of normalcy and my kids are sleeping better and feeling better too”. 

– Gina, Y Camp Parent


Blood Drive

Mitch, pictured above with friend Connor, shares, “I figured that right now, there are a lot of people who are scared to give blood because of the current situation. So I knew it was even more important that I came out today to give my blood because a lot people are in need.”

Connor explains, “People need it (blood transfusions), and I believe in the work of the YMCA and the American Red Cross, so I came out today to give.”

Both Mitch and Connor have given blood before and follow the American Red Cross’ Facebook Page, which is how they found out about today’s Drive. Connor is a member of the Southwest YMCA for the past 6 years. His wife is also a Senior Fit Instructor for the Branch. 


My girls and I love Y camp. It keeps them on a regular routine like they had at school. Every day the girls tell me about the activities they do and how the staff have helped them to accomplish their goals.

-    Katherine, Y Camp Parent



“Very thankful for Y Camp! I feel that my daughters are being very well cared for in the program. What a blessing!” 

– Shane and Heather, Y Camp Parents 

”Words can’t even describe the gratitude and appreciation I have for the Y Team!!! This program is truly a blessing and a highlight of having to come to work during a world crisis and knowing my little guy is safe and very well taken care of. 
-    Shreena and Michael, Y Camp Parents

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