Access Ys throughout the country at no additional cost with membership. 

Getting started is easy. Simply join the Y that you will use the majority of the time, and access other Ys with your membership card and photo ID. Now you can enjoy the Y where you live, work or travel.

If you’re already a member, follow these steps to enjoy the 2,700+ participating Y locations.

  1. Contact the Y you want to visit and ask if Nationwide Membership is honored. 
  2. When visiting a different Y, be ready with a valid membership card and photo ID. 
  3. If you have not already signed a Nationwide Membership liability waiver at your home Y, you will be asked to do this when you visit another Y location.

Nationwide Membership access is an exclusive benefit for Y members. If you are a community member or Y program participant, consider becoming a Y member at one of our health and wellness facilities to enjoy this substantial benefit.


WE’RE ALL INclusive


At the Y, there’s a place, a program and a purpose for everyone.