Couple Exercise
For decades, married couple Brian and Andrea have enjoyed frequent visits to the YMCA– and during COVID-19 was no exception. Adapting to a lack of socialization in the midst of the pandemic and the added responsibility as caretakers for their aging mothers, 2020 was a tough adjustment. Brian and Andrea jumped on the opportunity to continue exercising with the Y when Virtual classes became available, and were able to maintain their fitness routines and feel connected to the community of friends. Brian and Andrea found feelings of health, vitality, and belonging at the Y, helping them through a challenging phase of life.
Kids gardening
Camp Campbell’s Garden Manager, Sasha Retford Gonzalez, is passionate about sharing her enthusiasm for gardening and the outdoors with every youth, adult, and family that enters Camp Campbell
Holiday Decorations
If you’ve been hitting the gym multiple times a week, squeezing in extra servings of fruits and vegetables each day, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, keep it up!
Wellness Coach Karen Biddle at Sequoia YMCA with a Y member
Karen Biddle is a cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with estrogen receptor positive breast cancer in September of 2016. Soon after, she had a double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery as treatment for her breast cancer.