Update July 29th, 2019

Dear Members:

Some of you noticed that there has not been any activity on the parking lot project this past week and as a part of our weekly check-in meeting with the hospital we learned Friday that the initial excavation revealed two trees with deeper root systems than initially expected. As a result, the project is now delayed until arborists can fully evaluate and recommend the best course of action to address the trees.

The hospital is working hard to ensure this project is completed by Labor Day, but they caution us to be aware that this is not a firm deadline, as they do not yet know the course of action they will need to take with this unexpected delay.

As has been the case until now, the hospital will maintain the parking valet/stack parking service until the project is completed.

I cannot thank each of you enough, especially those who have been able to park in Garage K, it is making a significant difference to our overall parking availability in the front lot.

A few new important reminders:

  • This project is part of El Camino Hospital's overall campus expansion and is not part of the Y or being funded by the Y.
  • The parking valet is being paid for and provided by El Camino Hospital; the Y is NOT paying for this service.
  • Our neighbors on Eunice Ave. (directly across North Dr. off Grant Rd.) have been significantly impacted by members, hospital visitors and staff parking on their street. While this street is not technically restricted by permitting, we have always had a good neighbor agreement with the residents to ask our members and staff to refrain from parking there. Please help us keep this agreement by refraining from parking anywhere on Eunice Ave.
  • If you do park in the Y lot, please be aware that it will be managed by hospital security and parking attendants as follows:
    o Monday-Friday from opening until approximately 6am, you will self-park in the Y lot. Once all the spots are filled, arriving cars will be directed into the lot and stacked behind the parked cars and will be required to leave their keys with the valet service. ALL spots will be limited to 2 hours. At 2pm, parking attendants will return any remaining keys to the Y front desk. If you leave after 2pm, please retrieve your keys from our Welcome Center staff at the front desk
    o The Y lot will have self-parking on the weekend.

We Appreciate You Events:

Raffle Winners:
Please pick up your prize at the front desk by August 15th. Any unclaimed prizes will be re-distributed. Lucky Prize winners who need to claim their prize: Vidhya, Rebecca W., Eunnyung L., Becky C., Nelson, Mor O., Nhung L., Elsa N., Joyce S., Stanley P., Joyce M., Jean F.

Spa Water: We hope you have enjoyed our addition to the free lobby coffee we currently provide our members. If you have any spa water recipe ideas, let us know and we’ll make it! Or…if you have lemons, herbs or any other fruit that you can to donate to our effort, we would LOVE to accept them with thanks and appreciation.


El Camino YMCA