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Facility Features
Sequoia YMCA has facilities and programs
for all ages and abilities.

Facility Features

Located in Redwood City, the Sequoia YMCA is fully equipped with a Wellness Center that houses a variety of fitness equipment, indoor swimming pool, locker rooms with free towel service, full size gymnasium, group exercise and cycling studio, and child watch.

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Facility Features and Benefits

->Wellness Center

Our Wellness Center provides excellent cross-training benefits with both strength training and cardiovascular equipment. Our trainers will provide a one-on-one orientation and put together a specialized wellness program for you.

->Group Exercise Studios

Yoga, Zumba®, TaiChi are just a few examples of classes held in our Group Exercise studios.  Members can also challenge themselves to a motivating and efficient workout using stationary bikes in our group cycling room.  Group cycling can accommodate individuals of all fitness levels.

->Strength Training Room

Our strength training room is equipped with a variety of free weights, giving you the flexibility to customize your strength training program.

->Kid's Watch

Kid's Watch is a safe, caring, and fun environment set aside for children of facility members who come and utilize the facility. 

->Keiser Korner

Our newly installed Keiser equipment room is ready for you! This room hosts research backed strength training and fitness equipment used by top trainers and professional sports teams worldwide. Using our unique pneumatics, Keiser provides safe and effective training for everyone from the elite athlete to the older adult.

->Stretch Room

Our stretch room is a quieter room used for stretching and light weight dumbbell exercises. There is a ballet bar to help with stretches, an assisted pull-u/tricep dip machine, a stretch trainer, physio balls and foam rollers.


Sequoia's gym is the size of a full basketball court and accommodates organized youth sports, large group exercise classes, and provides open hours for members to play basketball and soccer.

->Indoor Swimming Pool

Our indoor swimming pool is available for lap swimming, youth and adult swim lessons, water aerobics, or just to simply have fun in! It is heated and maintained to accommodate all participants and certified lifeguards are always on duty.

->Locker Rooms with Towel Service

Our locker rooms are equipped with day use lockers, showers,  hair dryers as well as free towel service.  They are kept cleaned and monitored for safety and cleanliness every 15 minutes.

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