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The Y's policy is to provide facilities and programs for everyone, regardless of their financial status.

Financial Assistance

The YMCA 's policy is to provide facilities and programs accessible to everyone, regardless of one’s financial status.  We are available for the benefit and enjoyment of all who live and work in our community. Our goal is that no one is turned away from a YMCA program because they can’t afford it.

We believe that people prefer to accept responsibility and pay full registration fees when they are able to afford them. But when financial difficulties stretch individual and family budgets too thin, the need for YMCA programs remain, and in some instances may be even more crucial.  Thanks to the generosity of our friends and donors to our Annual Campaign, Financial Assistance is available for Facility Membership and for programs like Youth Sports, Swim Lessons, Child Care, Summer Camp, Teen Leadership, and many others.

If you or a family you know needs financial assistance to participate in a YMCA program, please download a form or speak with Patrick Kelley at 650-842-2765.  Financial assistance applications are confidential.

Download a Financial Assistance Application
Frequently Asked Questions about Financial Assistance

Frequently Asked Questions about Financial Assistance

->Who is eligible for financial assistance?

Individuals and families who would like to take part in YMCA programs but cannot afford to pay full fees are eligible to apply for financial assistance.

->How can I obtain financial assistance?

It's easy to apply for financial assistance. Download and complete a financial assistance application, include the amount of assistance you need, attach the required documentation and return it to the Y.  A YMCA representative will contact you within two weeks to review the outcome of your application.

->Which programs can I join?

Assistance is available for most YMCA programs, including Individual, Family and Active Older Adult Facility memberships, as well as childcare, camp, youth sports, swim lessons and special classes.

->How much assistance will I receive?

The amount of assistance is determined by the program and the extent of the individual or family need which is determined by a sliding scale base on family income and size.


->How long will assistance continue?

Assistance is generally granted for a specific time period or for the duration of a program. If assistance is still needed after the time has expired you may request a renewal of assistance.

->Will my application be confidential?

Financial Assistance Applications are held in complete confidence and are seen only by YMCA administrative staff. Individuals receiving assistance receive the same program services as those paying full fees.

->May I do anything in return?

Yes! At the YMCA youth and adults are encouraged to volunteer. Contact your YMCA to see what volunteer opportunities are available. Also, YMCA donors appreciate learning how their contributions are used.  Submitting a short note about how you or your family benefited from the financial assistance is always appreciated.

->Who provides the funds?

The Financial Assistance Program is made possible through generous contributions to the YMCA’s Annual Campaign, along with corporate and foundation grants and the YMCA Endowment Fund.


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