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Youth Sports

Did you know that basketball and volleyball were invented by early YMCA leaders?

Our sports programs develop more than skills—they develop character. We offer a variety of programs for youth and adults, including recreation and league sports. Coaches—often volunteers and including many parents—emphasize teamwork, cooperation, and developing good values.

Like all Y programs, swim, sports and play is open to all with financial assistance available.

Youth Sports Programs

Everyone plays, and everyone wins! YMCA youth sports are for boys and girls who want the opportunity to play in an organized sports program. Skill development, participation, and teamwork are all stressed in this non-competitive program. Through age appropriate games and the Y core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility, children are taught basic and intermediate skills. Learn more about youth programs for all age groups.

Learn about our Youth Sports offering: we have Preschool Soccer League and a Youth & Teen Basketball League for your child to acquire or perfect skills that will make him/her truly enjoy the game!

Participants learn the fundamentals of their sport. Running, stretching, and basic fitness and exercise are emphasized in these active programs. At least one parent must be present at all practices and games. Parent participation is encouraged at all ages, and is required for ages 3-4.

  • To teach as well as learn new skills and have fun
  • To maintain and inspire a healthy, active lifestyle
  • To teach the positive values of sportsmanship and teamwork
  • To give recognition to every child for trying and participating
  • To get your family engaged, in a positive environment

->Preschool Sports

Preschoolers learn the fundamentals of their sport, while having fun and acquiring team interaction and other social skills. At least one parent must be present and participating at all times. 

->Gym Ventures

At the Y we care about giving children and early start in every aspect of their lives.

In Gym Ventures and toddlers are challenged in a safe environment, while exploring basic tumbling, balancing, jumping and climbing skills. Classes include early gymnastics skills and child-parent discovery play time.

Parents must participate with children 3 and younger. Your child will delight in discovery, achievement and play.

Gym Ventures: Level 2 (18 mo - 3 years)
Parent/child pre gymnastics class that develops fine and gross motor skills through climbing, balancing, tumbling, and obstacle courses. Singing, parachutes, and group activities round off the developmental family fun.

Gym Ventures: Level 3 (3-5 years)
In this “on-my-own” class, your child is challenged through instructional play. Children build confidence while exploring basic tumbling, balancing, jumping and climbing skills.

Contact our Youth & Family Program Director, Danielle Bowman, for more information: danielle.bowman@ymcasv.org or 408-351-2430.

->Adult and Youth Karate

Learn Shotokan Karate while improving balance, coordination, strength, endurance and flexibility in either our adult or youth karate classes. Shotokan Karate is a Japanese martial art that emphasizes development of mental strength along with physically natural and realistic movements. No experience is necessary. Contact Theodore Evans for more information: theodore.evans@ymcasv.org or 408-351-2434.

 ->Ice Skating 

Students (6-13 years old) are introduced to basic skating skills including two foot glides, dips, swizzles, back wiggles, and stops. Such skills will provide knowledge to enjoy pleasure skating, as well as form the basis to learn more advanced maneuvers. Students receive a free practice card valid for 8 admissions and skate rentals to use during any of the public sessions at Cupertino Ice. Valid for the duration of their lesson series. Our spring Ice Skating program starts Saturday, June 24 and runs until August 12, 2017. The classes are held every Saturday 11:45am-12:15pm. Contact our Youth Sports Program Specialist to learn more; Brittany Flynn at 408-351-2416.

->Youth Basketball League & Clinics

Fall/Winter/Spring Sessions
Did you know that basketball was invented at the Y? Our teams are co-ed with one practice and one game played each week for eight weeks. Local gyms are utilized, and volunteer parent coaches are an integral part of the success of the league. Skill development, participation and teamwork are stressed.

The Youth Basketball League is for girls and boys ages 5-13 years old. Our Fall Youth Basketball League starts in September 2017. Registration starts September 5, 2017. Contact our Youth Sports Program Specialist to learn more; Brittany Flynn at 408-351-2416.

Our Basketball clinic for girls 9-13 years old is a 6 week clinic that meets once a week teaching the fundamental skills of basketball and enhancing their knowledge of the game.

K-5th Grade League focuses on development of fundamental skills and teamwork. Fun and fair play are emphasized, and every player plays an equal amount of time. Parents are encouraged to stay and watch to help develop skills at home.

6th-7th Grade League is a step up in competitiveness. We will keep score up to a 10-point lead and ensure that the rules of the game are enforced. Teamwork and constructive play are the main emphasis.

8th-10th Grade League is more competitive than our previous leagues. It still emphasizes skill development, sportsmanship, and fun in a positive team atmosphere.



At the Y youth also get to learn and practice one of the world's most popular sports. Players learn the fundamentals of the game and practice how to bump, set, serve and pass while developing teamwork skills. 

->Volunteers Needed!

If you are interested in coaching or getting involved in other ways, please contact us at 408-257-7160.


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