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The Y is more than just a gym … it’s a cause dedicated to helping young people achieve their potential, empowering people of all ages to lead healthy lives, and strengthening the bonds of community. Because we believe in extraordinary experiences, we invite you to come into the Y for a personalized conversation about how your life … and the community … can be enriched through your membership. YOU BECOME A MEMBER BY JOINING IN PERSON AT THE Y NEAREST YOU.

Join the Y as a facility member now! Plan a get-away to YMCA Camp Campbell in Boulder Creek.

With a CRC/Y membership, you also get:

Stop by your neighborhood YMCA, take a tour, and meet our outstanding staff and volunteers. When you do, you'll see that the Y offers services and opportunities for enriching your life that you won't find anywhere else.

To learn more, view our Frequently Asked Questions or find out what's new at the Y! Get registration information and join us today! For those unable to pay, financial assistance is available.

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