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Education & Leadership

The YMCA cares about teens. The YMCA cultivates teen leaders. The YMCA creates opportunities for teens to contribute to their communities.

Y teen programs partner with families, schools, businesses, and the entire community to help provide brighter futures for young people. Our YMCA gives teens a safe place to call their own and a chance to connect with positive role models and adults who care about them. Teen programs include youth development activities, leadership groups, community service projects, exposure to diverse career options, after-school activities, tutoring and mentoring, sports, camping, strength-training, and fun, recreational events.

Technology Programs

Project Cornerstone


East Valley Family YMCA offers computer courses in our state-of-the-art technology center for children, teens and adults. Register for classes at our Member Service Center. Enroll before the registration deadline, which is five days before the session starts, to avoid a $25 late registration fee.

For more details, including class schedules, call 408-715-6540.

General Education

->Microsoft Office

(All Ages) The ability to use Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, are vital skills to have in virtually every workplace and in everyday life. Learn the basics and then the tricks and tips of using this software. Improve your resume, or just learn it for your home computer!

->Computer Basics

(All Ages) New to using the computer? Just not sure how everything works? Afraid of accidentally breaking your computer? The class is designed to help beginners feel comfortable using a computer, the internet, and basic computer software. Learn how to use the mouse, keyboard, and other computer components in a safe and friendly environment.

->The College Application Process

(Ages: 12-18) College applications are a confusing and daunting process for most students and their families. Discover the techniques for finding the college or university that best fits your educational goals, finding scholarship sources, and improving your chances of being accepted into the college of your choice by receiving guidance on filling out applications and writing dynamic and persuasive personal statements.

Science & Engineering

->LEGO Robotics JR (1.5 hours)

Have fun while building robots. Reinforce your child’s knowledge of science, engineering, technology, and mathematics in an age-appropriate environment by using LEGOs to construct their very own robot. These classes will engage even the moreadvanced LEGO enthusiasts and also offers kids a close-up view of contemporary robotic technology.

->LEGO Robotics (1.5 hours)

Design, build, and program robotic cars, animals and creatures. Use LEGOs to explore, investigate, experiment, question and build engaging hands-on science activities.

->Intro to Robotics Competition
(1.5 hours)

Designed to interest and challenge students, using LEGO NXT MIndstorms to solve a variety of challenges that will test concepts of momentum, inertia, gearing and weight distribution.

-> First Lego League (2.5 hours)

The FIRST LEGO League (FLL) is a global program created to get kids excited about science and technology. Your enrollment fee includes: practice time, team robotic and computer supplies, and entry into one First Lego League Tournament.
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Project Cornerstone

Project Cornerstone’s vision is simple—to build a web of support around every young person in our community. This web of support includes families, schools, community centers, faith communities and local businesses. Unfortunately, these resources are disconnected from each other and often from children and youth themselves. Project Cornerstone facilitates the connection of the separate parts of the web so that young people can count on individuals and organizations working together to provide them with consistent support and guidance.

Project Cornerstone promotes the research-based developmental assets approach as a guiding framework and a common language to enable individuals and organizations to work together toward our common goal of supporting the healthy development of all children and youth. We leverage partnerships to influence public policy, programs and personal behavior. Project Cornerstone provides training and consultation and shares resources and best practice models to build the capacity of children’s and youth program providers, schools, governments, foundations, businesses, faith communities, and other community groups to support young people and strengthen our community.

Most people think of assets in terms of property or financial resources. However, Developmental Assets are the positive relationships, opportunities, values and skills that young people need to grow up caring and responsible.

The Search Institute identified the 40 developmental assets as the essential building blocks of healthy child and youth development - including adult role models, positive peer influence, caring school climates and a sense that community values youth. With input from diverse community members, Project Cornerstone has added a 41st asset “positive cultural identity" to the framework we use.

Project CornerstoneProject Cornerstone was founded in by the Youth Alliance, a collaborative of the following community based organizations: YMCAs of Santa Clara Valley and the Mid Peninsula; YWCA of Santa Clara Valley; Girl Scouts; Boy Scouts; Big Brothers/Big Sisters; Boys & Girls Club; and Estrella Family Services. The YMCA of Santa Clara Valley is Project Cornerstone’s parent organization.

For more information, visit the Project Cornerstone website.

For more information about Developmental Assets please click here.


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