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What is YMCA Adventure Guides?
The YMCA Adventure Guides program is designed to assist fathers (or other significant male adults in the children’s lives) and their child on a journey of discovery. We see tremendous value in supporting and strengthening the ability of a father and his child to communicate at an early age in ways that are caring, honest, respectful, and responsible. Together you will learn about nature, about history, about yourselves, but most importantly, about each other as you grow and learn together. Don’t miss out on this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity.

Who Can Participate?
YMCA Adventure Guides is for fathers (or other significant male adults in the children’s lives) and their children, ages 5–11. The adult and child must attend program activities together as a pair. In the YMCA Adventure Guides, the adult is the Guide, and the child is the Explorer. Adventure Guides are divided by gender into fathers-daughters or father-sons. The core of the program is Circle and Expedition meetings and adventures.

Family TimeYMCA Adventure Guide Activities – Circles and Expeditions
A small group of father-child pairs called a Circle, meet on a regular basis in each other’s homes or at the Y branch. The frequency and dates of these meetings vary from Circle to Circle. Typical activities include ceremonies, games, crafts, songs, stories, and skits.

Several Circles come together to participate in larger activities called Expeditions. These include activities such as campouts, parties or parades.

Financial Assistance
At the Y, we welcome everyone. We offer financial assistance to individuals and families who cannot afford membership. Pick up a confidential application at the Y branch where you participate.


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