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At the Y you have options to exercise, stay healthy, have fun and socialize in the environment that best fits your needs and preferences. If you love the water, need to lessen impact on your joints while still working on your endurance and conditioning, or simply wish to add a splash to your routine, check out our Water Exercise classes.

At our Y locations across Silicon Valley we offer a wide range of water exercise classes in both indoor and outdoor pools, in shallow or deep water. Check the Group Exercise schedule for your Y to find a class that fits your needs.

From low-impact, warm-water Aqua Exercise for Arthritis to high-intensity, invigorating Aqua ZUMBA® and multi-level Aqua Aerobics classes, you can join the class that is ideal for your fitness level and individual needs.
Our certified instructors will make you feel at home in the pool and support you in achieving your goals, whether it’s losing weight, regaining muscle strength and flexibility, or just having fun with a full-body cardio workout.

The water is a welcoming medium that offers both buoyancy and resistance to make every muscle in your body work harmoniously while providing enhanced balance and coordination. Plus in the water you have the freedom to adapt moves and depth to your comfort level and ability with no restrictions. Classes also offer a great option for pregnant women and new Moms to enjoy a healthy workout.

You do not have to be a swimmer to join an aqua class, but exercising in the water may motivate you to take swim lessons too, either to improve your stroke or learn to swim. Check out our Swim Lessons for adults and private swim lessons.

Select your local Y below to find an aqua class you can attend on a regular basis and enjoy:

Central YMCA - 408-298-1717
East Palo Alto Family YMCA (open in Summer only) - 650-328-9622
East Valley Family YMCA - 408-715-6500
El Camino YMCA - 650-969-9622
Northwest YMCA - 408-257-7160
Palo Alto Family YMCA - 650-856-9622
Sequoia YMCA - 650-368-4168
South Valley Family YMCA - 408-226-9622
Southwest YMCA - 408-370-1877
YMCA Camp Campbell (in Boulder Creek) - 831-338-2128


Kid’s Club
If you're a facility member, we have Kid's Club programs for your child while you're at the Y. Ask us for details.


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